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Christ-Centered Maternity Home


A New Leaf Ministries is a Christ-centered maternity home providing a safe and stable living environment to pregnant women in crisis while supporting, loving and encouraging them throughout their pregnancy as well as 


Donations To New Leaf Ministries



Donations To New Leaf Ministries Go To Support The Following Causes

*Assistance with Adoption Agency Referrals for residents seeking adoption


*Receive help with applying for resources such as Medicaid, Food Stamps, Cash Assistance, and 4C 


*Grow Spiritually and strengthen their relationship with Jesus 


*Mend Broken hearts through counseling, love and support 


*Strengthen relationships through weekly church and Bible studies 


*Residents work towards finishing their education and/or obtaining the job skills necessary to support herself and her child. 

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Begin Anew


When residents start the program they will begin living in the maternity home during their pregnancy. 

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Make A Fresh Start


Prior to their delivery they will move into the transition home where they will care for their baby, work and learn how to manage life as a mother while providing for their child. 

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Change For The Better


If the resident has decided on adoption, she will also move to the transition home to work and figure out her next steps to living and providing for herself. 

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